Hot dip galvanizing of the strip is carried out by immersing it in a zinc bath maintained at 460 degree centigrade. The chemistry of the bath is carefully controlled to ensure proper adhesion and formability of the applied zinc together with bright blemish free uniform spangles. The galvanized coils are chromated to improve its resistance to white rust. The chromating parameters are continually monitored and sheets are regularly tested through salt-spray tests to ensure the performance of this process.

Profile Specification:

 Galvanized Corrugated Sheet(GC sheets):
 Thickness(mm):    0.10  to  0.80
 Widths(mm):    720 ,  740, 760, 780 ,800, 840 ,910, 1100, 1220
 Lengths(mm):     1830, 2135, 2440, 2745, 3050, 3660, 4270, 4880 or as per requirement.